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Jukes & Co has been operating in South London for the past 40 years. We do know and love the area and will help you figure out how much your property is worth!

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A property valuation is the first step in the process of selling your property. Our team of expert provide you with an estimate in less than 24h.

Property valuation in South London

What impacts the value of your property?

There are several factors impacting the value of a property. This factors range from the location, the features, property condition and more. It also requires a deep knowledge of the area around your property.

When we value your property we look at these 3 main factors

Price sold & Recent sales

Giving a property valuation requires us to look at the recent sales that happened in the area. We look at properties of similar sizes & features and the price they were sold for.


We look at the unique features of your property. Does it have a garden? How big are the bedrooms.


Because we have been operating in South London for so many years, we know that the location of your property has a big impact on the price.

Your questions on property valuations

After so many years conducting property valuations we have decided to put up the following lists of questions sellers like you ask us.

How much my house will be in 10 years

  • We would love to know the answer to this question ourselves. It is not possible to predict accurately the price of a property in the future. What we rely on, is market trend. We have spent a great deal of time analysing the property price trends. Have a read.
property price estimation in South London
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Can I already find the value of my house online?

  • Short answer no. The value of your property evolves with the market. The best way to get an accurate valuation is through an agent. You can use third party tools and analysis (like ours) to get an idea, but the current value will have to be assessed by a professionalA directory for what makes South London alive

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