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Beckenham is an affluent and desirable suburban town located in the London Borough of Bromley, southeast London. This leafy neighborhood is renowned for its beautiful residential areas, characterized by grand Victorian and Edwardian properties, many of which have been meticulously preserved, lending the area a distinct sense of character and charm. Beckenham boasts a thriving town center, complete with a bustling high street that offers a range of independent shops, cafes, and restaurants. The town is also home to several parks and green spaces, including the picturesque Beckenham Place Park, providing ample opportunities for outdoor recreation. With its excellent transport links to central London and a strong sense of community, Beckenham offers a perfect balance between urban convenience and suburban tranquility.

Places you might need in Beckenham

When moving to a new neighbourhood, you might want to check where are the main facilities around the area. A nice “just in case” if you will. Below you will find the addresses and contact details of doctors, dentists, hospitals and other facilities you want to know will be nearby your future home.

Post offices in Beckenham

Post offices are high on the list of public services people expect to have nearby. They allow us to send and receive parcels or mail, and even in a more digitalised world, we still appreciate receiving a nice holiday card from friends and family.

There is/are 3 post office(s) in Beckenham.

Name of the Post Office Address Average Rating Number of ratings Phone number Website
Croydon Road Post Office 271-273 Croydon Road, Beckenham 2.8 38 020 8650 2502 Visit website
Beckenham Post Office 172 High Street, Beckenham 2.1 80 020 8650 5491 Visit website
Brandon’s of Beckenham 271-273 Croydon Road, Beckenham 3.6 63 020 8650 2502 no website

Educational facilities around Beckenham

If you have children who are of school age or you’re a student yourself, it is important for you to know what the different educational facilities are in your neighbourhood. The Jukes team are also working on an analysis of the educational data in Beckenham too. This will include OFSTED and other results of the quality of schooling. Visit us again soon for a full analysis of the school system.

Primary schools in Beckenham

There are 4 schools in Beckenham. Have a look at the list below and don’t hesitate to reach out to the school team for more information.

Name of the school Address Average Rating Number of ratings Phone number Website
Worsley Bridge Primary School Road Brackley, Beckenham 4.2 6 020 8650 2977 Visit website
Harris Primary Academy Beckenham Green Saint George’s Road, Beckenham 4.5 12 020 8650 5246 Visit website
Harris Primary Academy Beckenham Harris Primary Academy Beckenham, Manor Way, Beckenham 3.4 5 020 3772 4578 Visit website
Clare House Primary School Overbury Avenue, Beckenham 5 7 020 8658 4633 Visit website

Secondary schools in Beckenham

There is/are 1 secundary school(s) in Beckenham. If you are looking to put your teenage childrens in one of the following schools, don’t hesitate to reach out to the teams either by calling the school or by reaching out to them via their website

Name of the school Address Average Rating Number of ratings Phone number Website
Harris Academy Beckenham Manor Way, Beckenham 3.2 42 020 8650 8694 Visit website

Universities in Beckenham

There is/are 2 university/universities in Beckenham. Check out the list below to see which universities and which special courses they offer.

Name of University Address Average Rating Number of ratings Phone number Website
Pascals College Provident House Burrell Row, Beckenham 3 2 020 8663 6733 Visit website
Your Turkish Teacher London 30 River Grove Park, Beckenham N/A N/A 07826 363287 no website

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Hospitals and medical facilities in Beckenham

Hospitals in Beckenham

There is/are 4 hospital(s) in Beckenham in Beckenham. Here are the details of the nearby hospitals (1000m radius of the area)

Hospital’s name Address Average Rating Number of ratings Phone number Website
Cator Medical Centre 379 Croydon Road, Beckenham 3.4 82 020 8915 3100 Visit website
Elm House Surgery 379 Croydon Road, Beckenham 3.3 68 020 8650 0173 Visit website
Corner Ways Surgery 50 Manor Road, Beckenham 3 61 020 8650 2444 Visit website
Bromleag Care Practice Clinic, 14 The Crescent, Beckenham 5 1 020 3930 0270 Visit website

Doctor offices in Beckenham

There is/are 20 doctor(s) in Beckenham in Beckenham. Here are the details the nearby doctor offices (1000m radius of the area)

Doctor’s name Address Average Rating Number of ratings Phone number Website
Emma Coleman Skin Clinic Beckenham 131-133 High Street, Beckenham 4.9 163 020 8650 9595 Visit website
Dr Ray Vella 14 Manor Road, Beckenham 4 1 020 8650 0957 Visit website
Beckenham Foot Care Akasi Pharmacy (formerly Peter’s Chemist, 15 Bromley Road, Beckenham 4.8 26 020 3303 0715 Visit website
Dr J E Tempest – Dr Vella Surgery Manor Road, Beckenham N/A N/A 020 8650 0957 no website
Dr. P. Reddy Elm House Surgery, 29 Beckenham Road, Beckenham N/A N/A 020 8650 0173 Visit website
Emma Coleman Skin – Aesthetics, Dermatology & Skincare Emma Coleman Skin Clinic, 131-133 High Street, Beckenham 5 52 020 8650 9595 Visit website
Dentist beckenham 4ep, 432 Croydon Road, Beckenham N/A N/A N/A no website
Bupa Dental Care Beckenham 418-420 Croydon Road, Beckenham 4.3 40 020 8650 5930 Visit website
Specsavers Opticians and Audiologists – Beckenham 176-178 High Street, Beckenham 4.3 110 020 8658 5252 Visit website
Corner Ways Surgery 50 Manor Road, Beckenham 3 61 020 8650 2444 Visit website
Bayfields Opticians and Audiologists – Beckenham 2-6 Village Way, Beckenham 4.3 66 020 8650 6172 Visit website
Manor Road Surgery The Surgery, 14 Manor Road, Beckenham 3.5 29 020 8650 0957 Visit website
L J Aesthetics Ltd OTTERBURN HOUSE, 10-12 Bromley Road, Beckenham N/A N/A 020 8658 8961 no website
Dr a O Agun Manor Road, Beckenham N/A N/A 020 8650 0957 no website
Tempest Dr Janet The Surgery, 14 Manor Road, Beckenham N/A N/A 020 8650 0957 no website
Dr A Chowdhury – Manor Road Surgery The Surgery, 14 Manor Road, Beckenham 3 2 020 8650 0957 no website
Foot Revival 26-28 High Street, Beckenham N/A N/A 020 8650 0509 Visit website
Beckenham Podiatry Practice 133 High Street, Beckenham 4.9 13 020 8658 0795 Visit website
Terrell R G 10 The Drive, Beckenham N/A N/A 020 8650 4737 no website
SAYA Aesthetics by Dr Salma 254 High Street, Beckenham 5 121 020 3665 9306 Visit website

Dental practices in Beckenham

There is/are 7 dentist(s) in Beckenham in Beckenham. Here are the details the nearby dentists (1000m radius of the area)

Dentist’s name Address Average Rating Number of ratings Phone number Website
Bupa Dental Care Beckenham 418-420 Croydon Road, Beckenham 4.3 40 020 8650 5930 Visit website
Bromley Healthcare Interest Company 395 Croydon Road, Beckenham N/A N/A 01689 866667 no website
Total Orthodontics Beckenham 18 Beckenham Road, Beckenham 4.6 138 020 8650 8713 Visit website
SmileShines Beckenham 233-235 High Street, Beckenham 4 71 020 8663 6885 Visit website
Finn Dental Specialists Finn Dental Specialists, Kelsey Lane, Beckenham 5 141 020 8658 1230 Visit website
Beckenham Smiles Dental 122-124 High Street, Beckenham 4.3 17 020 3805 2380 Visit website
Rachel Notley Centre Mind Care Beckenham Road, Beckenham N/A N/A N/A no website

Tube & Train stations nearby Beckenham

It is pretty common to prioritise living near a transportation facility. In our experience, having to walk more than 10 to 15 minutes from a train or tube station can be a deal-breaker when buying a house because commuting to work or getting about is a priority for a lot of people.

Check out the stations around Beckenham to see if you’ll be living close to a station when looking in the area.

There is/are 1 train station(s) in Beckenham

Name of the station Address Average Rating Number of ratings Phone number Website
Beckenham Junction Station Approach, Beckenham 3.8 80 N/A Visit website

There is no data available on tube stations in Beckenham

Name of the station Address Average Rating Number of ratings Phone number Website
We did not found any data on tube stations in this location

Looking to buy or rent in Beckenham

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Why Beckenham is a great place to live or buy a house in?

In this section, we share with you why buying a house in Beckenham is such a great decision. The Jukes team has worked to understand the vibe and culture of Beckenham, and we’ve compiled the following items to share with you. Whether you love food, love the gym or like to stay at home and use the park,, we’ve tried to capture the essence of Beckenham to help you make an informed decision about the area as a whole.

Supermarkets in the borough of Beckenham

Thinking of going out for groceries? Have a quick look out the closest grocery stores and supermarkets in Beckenham. If you are about to move in the area, knowing that you will have a solution for your groceries is big plus

Supermarket’s name Address Average Rating Number of ratings Phone number Website
M&S Simply Food 44-46 High Street, Beckenham 4.3 482 020 8663 0682 Visit website
Londis 57 High Street, Beckenham 3.1 48 020 8658 4724 Visit website
Tesco Express 408-424 Croydon Road, Beckenham 3.4 48 0333 345 2140 Visit website
Beckenham Supermarket (Inpans Ltd) 38-40 High Street, Beckenham 2.4 15 020 8650 5192 no website
Waitrose & Partners 1 Southend Road, Beckenham 4.3 1049 020 8663 4898 Visit website
Sainsbury’s 181 High Street, Beckenham 4 1014 020 8650 8246 Visit website

Places to eat in Beckenham

Beckenham boasts a rich culinary culture, and the variety of restaurants is a testament to this. When buying a house in the area, it’s worth considering the dining options available. The food experts on our team have come up with some popular favourites:

Name of the restaurant Address Average Rating Number of ratings Phone number Website
ASK Italian Ground Floor, 2 Bromley Road, Beckenham 4.2 596 020 3802 6610 Visit website
The Pearl Beckenham 2 Southend Road, Beckenham 4.4 713 020 8663 0994 Visit website
Kebab Ye Beckenham 292-294 High Street, Beckenham 4 207 020 8658 9889 Visit website
Rendezvous Caffe 94 High Street, Beckenham 4.6 412 020 8249 7949 no website
Favorite Chicken & Ribs Beckenham 286 High Street, Beckenham 3.1 78 07869 151473 Visit website
In2 Papadam 13B Bromley Road, Beckenham 3.9 165 020 8650 4666 Visit website
Branded Beckenham 51 High Street, Beckenham 4.4 492 020 8658 5757 Visit website
Deli Nene Restaurant & Cocktail Bar 52-54 High Street, Beckenham 4.4 654 020 8289 7307 Visit website
Koz Restaurant 87 High Street, Beckenham 4.4 509 N/A no website
Starbucks Coffee 220 High Street, London 3.7 310 020 8663 9137 no website
Q Bar & Kitchen Beckenham 159 High Street, Beckenham 4.3 1005 020 8658 1014 Visit website
Pierluigi’s 86-90 High Street, Beckenham 4.3 494 020 8663 3387 Visit website
Zizzi – Beckenham 157 High Street, Beckenham 4 702 020 3105 7170 Visit website
Pizza Express 189 High Street, Beckenham 4.2 536 020 8650 0593 Visit website
Miso Noodle Bar Beckenham 132 High Street, Beckenham 4.1 474 020 8658 4498 Visit website
Nando’s Beckenham 199-203 High Street, Beckenham 4.1 1010 020 8658 8084 Visit website
Kelsey House Bar & Kitchen 75 High Street, Beckenham 4.2 857 020 8658 8844 Visit website
Jolly Woodman 9 Chancery Lane, Beckenham 4.7 332 020 8663 1031 Visit website
Curry Cottage Of Beckenham 7 Kelsey Park Road, Beckenham 3.7 83 020 8650 2564 Visit website
Big Catch 202-204 High Street, Beckenham 4.3 282 020 8663 6635 Visit website

Where to watch a movie in Beckenham?

This year has seen a great number of amazing movies being projected in cinemas. It would be a shame for you to miss the last indie movie or blockbuster because you don’t know where to find a cinema in Beckenham. Have look below

Cinema’s name Address Average Rating Number of ratings Phone number Website
ODEON Beckenham The, High Street, Beckenham 3.9 1738 0333 014 4501 Visit website

Where to stay in shape in Beckenham

The rising numbers of employees working from home has also been followed by an increase in the frequentation of gyms. If you are looking for a gym in Beckenham to work out in, have a look at our list below.

Gym’s name Address Average Rating Number of ratings Phone number Website
Breeze Yoga 9 Albemarle Road, Beckenham 4.7 87 020 8658 6808 Visit website
The Spa at Beckenham by Mytime Active 24 Beckenham Road, Beckenham 3.7 892 020 8650 0233 Visit website
Scorpions Thai Boxing Gym High Street, Beckenham 5 49 020 8663 1413 Visit website
Reshape Fitness Gym 84A High Street, Beckenham 4.6 64 020 8224 7777 Visit website
Life In Pilates – Beckenham 76 High Street, Beckenham N/A N/A 020 3742 8653 Visit website
TRAIN+ 56-58 High Street ENTRANCE AT REAR OF BUILDING, Beckenham N/A N/A 020 3376 3377 Visit website
Power Pilates UK 58 High Street, Beckenham 4.9 71 07570 247376 Visit website
Kate Summers Pilates-Beckenham 2 Christ Church Road, Beckenham 5 44 07985 535595 Visit website
Aim 4 More Physiotherapy @ Breeze Yoga Beckenham 9 Albemarle Road, Beckenham 5 37 07853 450106 Visit website
Beckenham Boxing 248 High Street, London 4.5 24 07497 393959 Visit website
London Martial Arts & Fitness Academy, Beckenham 248 High Street, Beckenham 4 94 020 3417 6446 Visit website
My Pilates Practice 6, Gerrard Court, 17 The Avenue, Beckenham 5 3 07737 815242 Visit website
Define Fitness 7, Brook Court, Blakeney Road, Beckenham 4.8 16 020 8658 1038 Visit website
Teresa Malins 28 Beckenham Road, Beckenham 5 1 07967 964548 Visit website
Metta Movement , Beckenham Venue, 28 Beckenham Road, Beckenham 5 48 07967 964548 Visit website
Park Form Court United Kingdom N/A N/A N/A Visit website

Pubs of Beckenham

Where we work at Jukes, we have our favourite pubs, and we usually gather there with the team to celebrate all sorts of news. We believe that pubs play a key role in defining the atmosphere of an area, which is an important factor when buying a house. Have a look at our list below and feel free to share your recommendations in the comments.

Pub name Name Address Description
Beckenham Rugby Football Club Balmoral Avenue
Since summer 2021, the club welcomes CAMRA members who should be prepared to sign in and show their membership card.
Beckenham Sports Club 19 Foxgrove Rd
Famous cricket and – in particular – tennis club with a host of world-renowned tennis players on the honours board in the bar. These date back to a time when this venue was used for a pre-Wimbledon warm-up event.
Bricklayers Arms 237 High Street
A traditional high-street pub providing a friendly welcome to a clientele of all ages, including families and dogs. The L-shaped bar has wooden flooring with plenty of tables. The interior decor has old photographs of Beckenham, a piano and more eclectic items including an old petrol pump and a super-life size Spider Man on one wall. There is an open log fire in winter and a covered outdoor seating area with heaters and even a TV screen.
Chancery 90 Bromley Road
Family-run Victorian local situated between Beckenham and Shortlands with a main U-shaped bar and a separate quiet lounge. The pub reopened as a Gastropub in October 2014 following substantial and sensitive refurbishment and with a new name. The extensive menu changes with the season and no frozen food is used. Casual drinkers are still welcomed – the pub has six handpumps, but away from busy times only three to four will be operational. Admission not allowed after 11pm on Fridays and Saturdays.
Coach & Horses Burnhill Road
A friendly and traditional local convenient for the High Street , and now operated by Town Bar and Sports. The pub was undergoing a major refurbishment in 2020 as the Covid-19 crisis struck, and reopened in August when the work was completed, complete with new exterior signage.
There is a large patio at the front with pub with several benches and tables, which have been renovated as part of the refurbishment. The exterior work is also evident in the rear, with a prominent mural of the London skyline on display in the back garden. Internally there are new light fittings, wooden floorings, and new tiling behind the bar. In short, not much has been left unchanged.
Well worth a visit if you are in the vicinity of Beckenham High Street. All the photography on this page is after the 2020 refurbishment.
Erin’s 150-154 High Street
Re-opened on 22nd September 2023 under a new name “Erin’s” as an AK Whelan pub after a £750,000 makeover. Named after the owner’s daughter, the theme is that of a modern Irish pub with mirrors, bric-a-bric and a dark blue, maroon and gold colour scheme to create what is described as “an opulent effect” along with a striking mural and hanging garden from the ceiling. In the evening, the subdued lighting gives a more intimate atmosphere.
George Inn 111 High Street
The George Inn dates back over 350 years and was the last coaching inn on the route to London. The pub attracts a wide age range, although more of a younger crowd attend at weekends. The range of beers has increased in recent years, with 5 or 6 on offer most days. A reasonable choice of food is available and is of the pub grub style – burgers, pies, steak, fish and chips etc. Piped music plays on a 2 hour loop, but is generally not too intrusive. A TV shows BBC News channel (muted, with subtitles) and occasionally football/rugby, if on terrestrial TV.
Jolly Woodman 9 Chancery Lane
A friendly traditional local popular with a mixed clientele of all ages for its homely convivial atmosphere and welcoming to visitors. Situated in a quiet street in a conservation area off the main road, this retains the look and feel of a country pub. Built in 1840 as an ale house, this would once have been surrounded by countryside. The front room is small with half-height matchboard panelling, old fixed bench seating and a drinking shelf along with leaded glass in the windows and a stove. The door to the right was once used for off-sales. The bar itself has tongue and groove panelling with a plain and well-worn counter. An opening leads to a larger back room, also with panelling, in an L-shaped configuration created in the 1970s. Toilets are outside across the courtyard.
Langley Park Golf Club Barnfield Wood Road
Access to the bar is currently limited to club members only.
O’Neill’s 9 High Street
The pub opened as a Charringtons pub named the “Golden Arrow” in the 1960’s, complete with a railway signal erected on the pavement outside. A regional British Rail office was located above and behind the pub.
The railway connection is now lost, and instead we have a spacious single bar O’Neills with the normal grey/green colour scheme, very convenient for bus, rail and tram travellers alike. Lots of tables and seating, including on the patio in front of the pub. Dogs not allowed inside but permitted on the outside patio.
Real ale introduced in March 2014 with three handpumps, In 2018, real ale availability was sadly reduced to Sharp’s Doom Bar only.
Three Hounds Beer Company 57 Beckenham Road
This bar/off-licence opened during the 2020 Covid crisis, and as lockdown eased was able to open more fully in Summer 2021. The premises are more spacious than the frontage would indicate, and around 50 customers can be seated over two floors, with more benches at the front of the pub.
West Beckenham Conservative Club Sidney Road
Eden Park 422 Upper Elmers End Road
Eden Park
Despite being a Carvery, this pub has a split-level bar area used by non-diners as well as those having a pre-dinner drink. There is also a large outside drinking area to the front and side of the pub. Also serves breakfast, check with pub for breakfast opening times.
Elm Tree 116 Croydon Road
Elmers End
The pub, formerly named to William IV, reopened in March 2015, following a complete refurbishment. There is now a tastefully done comfortable interior retaining original features such as panelling and fireplaces.
There is more of an emphasis on food than before – mainly traditional pub fare, and an Irish theme.

Where are the green spaces in Beckenham located?

London, compared to other major cities, is well equipped in parks and green spaces and we love them. Beckenham counts 10 parks. Here is the list with their location:

Parks’s name Address Average Rating Number of ratings Phone number Website
Beckenham War Memorial Croydon Road, Beckenham 4.6 17 N/A no website
Croydon Road Recreation Ground 319 Croydon Road, Beckenham 4.4 917 0300 303 8658 no website
Kelsey Park Manor Way, Beckenham 4.6 3488 0300 303 8658 Visit website
Thornton’s Corner 4 Kelsey Park Road, Beckenham 5 1 N/A Visit website
Beckenham Green High Street, Beckenham 4.3 336 0300 303 8658 no website
Beck stepping stones 8 Manor Way, Beckenham 4.8 5 N/A no website
Beckenham Gate 11 Foxgrove Road, Beckenham 5 3 N/A no website
Beckenham fireworks display Guy Fawkes Night, 50 Village Way, Beckenham N/A N/A N/A Visit website
Heron Island Kelsey Park Avenue, Beckenham 5 2 N/A no website
Cyphers Gate Open Space Beckenham N/A N/A N/A no website

Religious centres in Beckenham

People of different faiths live in Beckenham and if you are considering moving to Beckenham you might want to check where your local temple, church or mosque will be. We have tried to represent most faiths in this list but do tell us if you think your faith is not represented here, we will add it.

Mandirs in Beckenham

Name of the temple Address Average Rating Number of ratings Phone number Website
We did not found any data on temples in this location

Churches to visit in Beckenham

Church’s name Address Average Rating Number of ratings Phone number Website
St Edmund’s Church 20 Village Way, Beckenham 4.7 74 020 8650 0970 Visit website
Citygate Church, Beckenham 22 Rectory Road, Beckenham 4.8 66 020 8662 6850 Visit website
Grace Church Beckenham Green, Harris Primary Academy, Saint George’s Road, Beckenham 5 4 N/A Visit website
Beckenham URC Church Crescent Road, Beckenham 4.7 7 020 8650 2959 no website
Church of God 7th Day Sabbath Keeping 2, Off Oakhill Road, Crescent Road, Beckenham 4 8 020 8658 5426 Visit website
St George’s Church, Beckenham St. George’s Church, High Street, Beckenham 4.5 113 020 8663 6996 Visit website
Beckenham Methodist Church Bromley Road, Beckenham 4.4 26 020 8650 2763 Visit website
Christ Church Beckenham 1a Christ Church Road, Beckenham 4.3 7 020 8650 3847 Visit website
Christ Embassy Beckenham – The Limitless Church 4 Bromley Road, Beckenham N/A N/A 07464 441602 Visit website
The Redeemed Christian Church Of God 4 Bromley Road, Beckenham 5 3 N/A no website
Kingsway Church 18 Rectory Road, Beckenham 5 1 020 8166 9668 Visit website
Beckenham Baptist Church Baptist Church Hall, 1 Elm Road, Beckenham 4.8 20 020 8650 2130 Visit website
St Barnabas Church, Beckenham Perth Road, Beckenham 4 14 020 8663 6996 Visit website
St Paul’s Church, Beckenham Brackley Road, Beckenham 4.5 35 020 8650 0501 Visit website
Freeman Ghanaian Methodist Church Clock House Road, Beckenham, Kent 5 3 N/A no website

Synagogues in Beckenham

Name of the Synagogue Address Average Rating Number of ratings Phone number Website
We did not found any data on Synagogues in this location

What mosques are in the borough of Beckenham?

Mosque’s name Address Average Rating Number of ratings Phone number Website
Jummah Salah in Beckenham Public Hall Fire Station Mews, 4A Bromley Road, Beckenham 2.5 2 07885 829870 Visit website

Estate agents in Beckenham

This list wouldn’t be complete if you didn’t have a list with all of the relevant estate agents in the area. Estates agents generally help you: buy, rent or sell your property. At Jukes we have been committed to the South London community for over 40 years and we intend to be there whether you decide to trust us.

Estate agent’s name Address Average Rating Number of ratings Phone number Website
Letting Agent Today 5 Albemarle Road, Beckenham N/A N/A 020 8663 4940 Visit website
Queensbridge Estates Ltd 69 High Street, Beckenham N/A N/A 020 3841 2250 Visit website
Luxury Realtors High Street, Beckenham N/A N/A No phone number Visit website
Estate Angels 5 Albemarle Road, Beckenham N/A N/A 020 8663 4967 Visit website
MHE Manor House Estates 71 High Street, Beckenham 5 9 020 8663 3211 Visit website
Landlord Today 5 Albemarle Road, Beckenham 5 3 020 8663 4972 Visit website
Estate Agent Today 5 Albemarle Road, Beckenham 5 1 0845 075 0152 Visit website
Alan De Maid Estate Agent Beckenham 234 High Street, Beckenham 4.9 196 020 3369 1252 Visit website
Charles Eden Estate Agents 1 Kelsey Park Road, Beckenham 4.9 48 020 8663 1964 Visit website
Andrew Reeves Letting Agents Beckenham 114 High Street, Beckenham 4.8 232 020 8261 7128 Visit website
Mann Sales and Letting Agents Beckenham D S B House, High Street, Beckenham 4.8 208 020 3151 4313 Visit website
Leaders Letting & Estate Agents Beckenham 73 High Street, Beckenham 4.8 140 020 8663 6600 Visit website
Langford Russell Estate Agents in Beckenham 3-5 Kelsey Park Road, Beckenham 4.8 131 020 8663 4433 Visit website
Winkworth Beckenham Estate Agents 141 High Street, Beckenham 4.7 105 020 8650 1000 Visit website
Sinclair Hammelton Beckenham 22 High Street, Beckenham 4.6 19 020 8663 9000 Visit website
Martin & Co Beckenham Lettings & Estate Agents 163 High Street, Beckenham 4.5 27 020 8650 5796 Visit website
Jukes Estate Agents 76 High Street, London 4.4 132 020 8653 9393 You are already here
Proctors Estate Agents Beckenham 102-104 High Street, Beckenham 4.3 11 020 8650 2000 Visit website
Coady Phillips 12 High Street, Beckenham 3.7 3 020 8658 1111 Visit website
Home Lettings Limited 405 Croydon Road, Beckenham 3.4 24 020 8658 5664 no website
Apex Business Centre 8-12 Bromley Road, Beckenham 1 1 020 8663 3200 no website

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Share your opinion of Beckenham

We are always keen to hear what people living in or visiting Beckenham have to say about the area, especially when it comes to your experience of moving here if you live here permanently. Feel free to share your thoughts, tips, and the places you love the most in the comment sections. We read them and will update these pages if your contribution provides genuine and great recommendations for those looking to live here too.

Property prices analysis around Beckenham

Buying a house is an important investment and knowing the price dynamics can help you work out a budget, define a mortgage amount and more. To help you in this decision process, we have analysed around 25 years worth of data and looked at how house prices have evolved around Beckenham/.

What to do in Beckenham

Discover attractions in Beckenham when buying a house

To assist you in your journey of finding out about Beckenham, we have created this comprehensive page that highlights all the places of interest in the area.

Our user-friendly filters allow you to explore a wide array of amenities, including restaurants, pubs, parks, gyms, and other commodities that contribute to how desirable Beckenham is to live in. By familiarising yourself with these local attractions, you can make a more informed decision in this vibrant borough.

Events & life in Beckenham

When researching Beckenham, it’s essential to immerse yourself in the area’s vibrant atmosphere and endless activities. This place is a hub of excitement, with a wide range of events and experiences to enjoy. To find the best things to do, we recommend checking out TimeOut, a constantly updated resource showcasing the most appealing activities in South London.

Before making the significant decision of buying a house or moving, it’s crucial to understand the essence of the neighbourhood you’re about to call home. The nightlife, exhibitions, and community events in Beckenham provide valuable insights into how you can integrate into the local community and make the most of your new surroundings.

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